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We actually feature some of the world’s most highly-rated tennis resorts for your tennis vacations. Although most of them are gorgeous beachfront or oceanfront properties, we also feature a few tennis resorts in some breathtaking mountainous regions.

Above all, our goal is to make your tennis dream holidays come true. We believe all hardcore tennis fans or tennis lovers should stay at those dreamy tennis resorts and experience tennis in paradise at least once in a lifetime.

Therefore, we hope you enjoy our rich selection of gorgeous tennis resorts and book your tennis vacations soon.

Tennis Vacations at Tennis Resorts Worldwide

When it comes to geographical locations, we do not discriminate or favor any country or continent in particular. We actually feature tennis resorts from all over the world.

Therefore, as you navigate through our website, you will discover breathtaking tennis resorts in popular destinations worldwide. Such destinations include the U.S., Mexico, Spain, Italy, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, U.A.E., and Thailand.

In addition, we feature many majestic tennis resorts from tropical islands. For instance, you will get to choose among Mauritius, Maldives, Antigua, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Jamaica, Saint Kitts & Nevis, and St. Lucia.

And there is more to come. Stay tuned for other beautiful tennis resorts to be featured soon on our website.

What is a Tennis Resort?

A tennis resort is a full-service lodging facility with a wide range of tennis facilities and services. The core facilities/services are tennis courts (usually at least four) and tennis lessons.

However, daily clinics, personalized tennis programs, individual player-matching, round-robin matches, and tournaments are also common at tennis resorts.

Furthermore, many tennis resorts include ball machine workouts, video instruction services, and pro shops. The latter often provide tennis apparel, equipment, and accessories for sale, as well as racket stringing services and equipment rentals.

In addition, tennis resorts are usually located near places that are ideal for relaxation, such as beaches and scenic mountain ranges. Moreover, they span over a substantial amount of land with beautiful landscapes.

Therefore, a tennis resort is comparable to a small village with many facilities on the premises. Such facilities include dining, shopping, entertainment, recreational activities, and wedding celebrations.

Why Book a Tennis Holiday?

Did you know that tennis is the sport that prolongs your life the most? Yes, you heard that right. Tennis will make you live longer than any other sport will.

In fact, according to the Copenhagen City Heart Study conducted in 2018 in Denmark, tennis extends one’s life by 9.7 years. This is well ahead of other sports and exercises that people practice regularly.

Also, another study conducted in the U.K. in 2017 (published in the British Medical Journal) showed similar findings. It was found that people who play racket sports, such as tennis, tend to outlive those who play other sports.

Now that you have a good reason to play more tennis, why not combine your favorite hobby with a beach or mountain holiday? This is what we specialize in. In other words, all the tennis resorts that we feature are either beach resorts or mountain resorts.

Actually, there are two reasons for that. First, as our slogan says (where tennis and resorts meet in paradise), we are all about tennis at the most paradisiac locations on the planet. Second, there are lots of health benefits with both types of holidays.

Why Choose a Beachfront Tennis Resort?

According to research, the sound of waves, together with the magnesium in sea water, calm people’s nervous systems. This is due to a change in the wave patterns of their brains when exposed to such an environment.

In addition, another study revealed that regular trips to locations there are lots of blue spaces lower the level of psychological distress. Such locations include the sea/ocean.

Also, the vitamin D that people get from the sun at the beach makes them feel more energetic as it boost the production of serotonin. The latter is a neurotransmitter that makes people feel more positive, hopeful, optimistic, happy, and energized.

Moreover, research has shown that those benefits last for weeks (sometimes even for months) after the end of the beach holiday.

Why Choose a Mountainside Tennis Resort?

First, there is no doubt that the beautiful sceneries at mountainside tennis resorts are soothing to the soul. You will succumb to the breathtaking views.

Second, research has shown that even a short trip to the mountains can help lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, it reduces the risk of obesity, spikes weight loss, improves our brain function, and enhances our mental functioning.

Third, studies have shown that pine (the most common scent when traveling to the mountains) decreases hostility, depression, and stress. So does lavender which grows at mountain bases.

Why Book on

That’s a legitimate question from any tennis traveler or vacationer. There are actually four good reasons you should book your tennis holidays on

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Third, we offer a Best Rate Guarantee. In other words, we guarantee that you will either get the lowest rate with us or you won’t find a lower rate anywhere else.

Therefore, should you find a lower rate elsewhere for the same tennis resort, we will not only match that price but also offer you a $50 credit. However, the conditions are that it’s the same room category, the same package, and the same stay dates.

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However, in order to benefit from that discount, your must make your purchase within two years from the date you checked out from the tennis resort. For more details, please visit or feel free to contact us.